SWADESHI Mushroom Spawn Laboratory was established in the year 1987 and was inaugurated by the leading mushroom scientist Prof.R.L. Munjal, from IARI, New Delhi. From the day one of the establishment of the Spawn Lab, it has been striving hard to provide mushroom growers with quality mushroom spawn. Swadeshi Spawn Lab is the leading and most equipped spawn lab of the country. The laboratory has a rich culture collection / culture bank containing excellent choice of exotic hybrid strains of button mushrooms / oyster mushrooms, medicinal mushrooms, specialty mushrooms and others. The laboratory is backed up by a well-qualified professional mycologist/ mushroom specialist Dr.B.L. Dhar (www.nnmushroomconsultingindia.com) with long experience in mushroom culture. Periodically, new strains of advanced hybrids are introduced to provide best cultures to mushroom growers.

Photo Gallery

Swadeshi Mushroom Boiling grain Boiling grain spread Dry Boiling grain PP bags are ready to cotton pluging Bottles collected in the trays for transfer to sterilizer Bottles collected in the trays for transfer to sterilizer Bottles being inoculated with Mushrooms fungs on laminar flow Bottles are transfer to incubation room Incubation room refrigerated to bottle Dr.B.L. Dhar